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Become a member of Gaeloideachas

Gaeloideachas is firmly rooted is in the community we serve. The organisation was established in 1973 by the schools and community activists, who created a voluntary structure to ensure that Gaeloideachas remains a strong, unified voice for the sector.

Our membership is responsible for directing our work by nominating our Board of Directors and proposing resolutions at our Annual General Meeting, and informally through direct contact with us.

We value the close and co-operative relationship we have with our members, through which we gain insights into the strengths and challenges of the sector. We use the information given to us by our members to help us to focus in a strategic and planned way on the priorities identified by the sector. Our members give us a mandate for our work, and help us to ensure that the Irish-medium and Gaeltacht education sector has a strong and unified voice and a considerable impact at policy level.

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Any naíonra outside Gaeltacht areas in the 26 counties can register to become a member of Gaeloideachas. Naíonraí in Gaeltacht areas should contact our colleagues in Comhar Naíonraí na Gaeltachta for support, and naíonraí and naíscoileanna in the 6 counties should contact Altram

Any school providing Irish-medium education can register to become a member of Gaeloideachas.

You’ll find further information on the Irish-language version of this page.