‘Are pupils with disabilities being adequately supported in Gaeltacht primary schools: the professionals’ perspective?’

This study aims to explore if pupils with disabilities are being adequately supported in Gaeltacht primary schools from the perspectives of the professionals working with them daily. he principal aim and motivation behind this study is to examine the views of school principals, teachers and special needs assistants (SNAs) and outline the educational challenges and benefits that they perceive pupils with disabilities experience in Gaeltacht schools.

Learning an Additional Language in the Context of Language Disorder

Position: Speech-Language & Audiology Canada has developed a new Position Statement on Learning an Additional Language in the Context of Language Disorder. It states that children with, or at risk of, language disorder should be provided with the support they need to become bilingual in home, childcare and school settings, including access to speech-language pathology services. Children with language disorder should not be counselled out of opportunities to initiate or continue their bilingual development.


“Findings support the removal of barriers that restrict access to immersion programs for students with specific learning disabilities and point to the critical importance of providing appropriate supports […]. The importance of making dual language programs more accessible to students with developmental disabilities was highlighted, as well as ensuring their access to a complete range of special education support services”