This study aims to explore if pupils with disabilities are being adequately supported in Gaeltacht primary schools from the perspectives of the professionals working with them daily. he principal aim and motivation behind this study is to examine the views of school principals, teachers and special needs assistants (SNAs) and outline the educational challenges and benefits that they perceive pupils with disabilities experience in Gaeltacht schools.

Údar: Grace O’Donnell. Tráchtas MA: Dissertation submitted in part fulfilment of the Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching (2020).


This study researched the adequacy of supports available to pupils with disabilities in Gaeltacht schools, from the perspectives of professionals working work them daily, SNAs, teachers and principals. Through a critical analysis of literature in the research area, the researcher hoped to gain more information and address the following questions:

• What are the social, emotional and academic benefits and challenges of inclusion in
mainstream primary education and for pupils with disabilities?
• To identify what challenges students with disabilities, encounter when attending a
mainstream school.
• To find out what impact and affect providing an inclusive education to students with
disabilities has on the school and other students in the class.
• To examine and analyse benefits and challenges of providing an inclusive education
• To gain an insight into the challenges teachers and SNAs encounter when teaching
children with disabilities in a mainstream primary Gaeltacht schools. 

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