Including Students with Special Education Needs in FSL (French as a Second Language Programs) focuses not only on ways of making FSL programs more available to students with special education needs but also on the supports these students need to succeed.

Including Students with Special Education Needs in FSL is organized into three sections. Section 1 presents an analysis of research and specific data relevant to the participation in FSL of students with special education needs. Section 2 provides information about relevant legislation and policies, clarifying the basic requirements in Ontario with respect to both FSL education and students with special education needs. Section 3 discusses new ways of thinking about diversity, participation, and engagement, and suggests strategies for aligning educational practices with emerging values to create inclusive environments for all students, including students with special education needs.

Including Students with Special Education Needs in French as a Second Language Programs has been developed as part of the Ministry of Education’s ongoing commitment to strengthen French as a second language (FSL) education in Ontario. This document is intended to promote discussion among various stakeholders about issues related to the inclusion of all students, particularly students with special education needs, in FSL programs. It is also intended to serve as a resource for school boards, educators, and other stakeholders as they embrace diversity and work to ensure that schools are places where all students are welcomed and respected, and where all students can succeed.

The foundational belief that all students can learn applies to students across all subject and program areas. Throughout this document, it is emphasized that decisions about program participation, including participation in FSL programs, should be made on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the strengths, needs, and interests of the individual student.

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