Bileog Disléicse 1


Irish-medium and Gaeltacht schools are the choice of many parents of children with special educational needs. Dyslexia is the most frequently featured special educational need in Irish-medium schools, with more than 9% of pupils in Irish-medium primary schools having dyslexia. This section provides advice and information for parents and guardians on the identification, assessment and support of dyslexia. It is specifically designed to help parents gain a better understanding of dyslexia, address some of the many misunderstandings about dyslexia and the suitability of learning through the medium of Irish, as well as advice on ways to support your child. Our aim is to empower and inform parents so that they have the confidence to make the best choices for their children. We also have some practical tips on how parents can provide support with homework and learning.

The questions in this section are all real questions received from parents and practitioners. We are extremely grateful to Emily Barnes from the Phonetics and Speech Laboratory, Trinity College Dublin, for providing answers to these questions, as well as the researchers and practitioners who shared their tips, advice and research at our recent information evenings on dyslexia. Recordings of these sessions can be viewed below.

If there are other general questions, which you think should be included here, we will be happy to add these to this page. You can email Ciara Ní Bhroin ciara@gaeloideachas.ie. If you have something that is troubling you or are looking for more general information, the Dyslexia Association of Ireland may be able to help. Please see www.dyslexia.ie.

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