Every year, Gaeloideachas collates statistics from naíonraí outside Gaeltacht areas. These statistics help us to strategically plan for the development of Irish-medium education, to cater for the sector’s requirements and to provide effective support for naíonraí.

Our aim is to provide accurate and comprehensive information on the sector to the public. We publish overall statistics, and it is our policy not to publish information relating to a particular naíonra, or to pass such information on to a third party without the prior written consent of the naíonra concerned.


180 naíonraí outside the Gaeltacht provided statistics to Gaeloideachas for the 2019-20 school year.

This information gives us an insight into a vibrant sector and the huge demand for its services, and we’re really grateful to the services for sharing the information with us.

Statistics for the 2020-2021 naíonra year will be collected in March 2021 and will be available here later in the term.

  • Gaeloideachas provides services and supports to 180 naíonraí outside the Gaeltacht
  • These naíonraí are providing for 5515 children across 283 sessions
  • 76 naionraí have waiting lists
  • 99 naíonraí are co-located with Irish-medium primary schools
  • The naíonraí employ 500+ naíonra teachers, 103 of whom hold Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge qualifications in Irish language proficiency
  • Of the 5515 children, 129 speak a home language that is neither English or Irish, and 163 children have Special Educational Needs

You’ll find information below on the number of Irish-medium and Gaeltacht schools, and the number of pupils, on a 32-county basis, according to the latest information available to us.

The Department of Education & Skills is responsible for collecting and collating statistics from all schools in the 26 counties, including both Irish-medium and Gaeltacht schools. Further information is available directly from the Department: contact their Statistics Section directly with queries on 01-8892311 or

We are grateful to Comhairle na Gaelscolaíochta for sharing general statistics with us on the Irish-medium schools in the 6 counties.

Primary Schools

Please contact the Statistics Section in the Department of Education & Skills directly with queries: 01-8892311 or

26 co. outside Gaeltacht Gaeltacht 26 co. total 6 co. total Total 
Students 37,500 7,360 44,860 4,661 49,521
Schools 153 105 258 35 293

Post-primary Schools

Please contact the Statistics Section in the Department of Education & Skills directly with queries: 01-8892311 or

26 Co. outside Gaeltacht Gaeltacht 26 Co. total 6 Co. total Total 
11,951 3,832 15,783 1,675 17,458
Schools 47 29 76 5 81


Additional sources of information:

  • An Roinn Oideachais & Scileanna (schools)
  • Pobal (geographical information system) At Gaeloideachas’ request, a question regarding the language of provision will be included in the Pobal questionnaire from 2019 on. This will help to give a fuller picture of the Irish-medium early-years sector, and support Gaeloideachas’ lobbying for the rights and fair treatment of the naíonraí outside the Gaeltacht. 
  • Comhar Naíonraí na Gaeltachta (naíonraí in Gaeltacht areas)
  • Comhairle na Gaelscolaíochta (naíscoileanna and Irish-medium schools in the north)
  • Early Childhood Ireland (early-years services)