"Findings support the removal of barriers that restrict access to immersion programs for students with specific learning disabilities and point to the critical importance of providing appropriate supports [...]. The importance of making dual language programs more accessible to students with developmental disabilities was highlighted, as well as ensuring their access to a complete range of special education support services"

Údar: Nancy Wise 

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“There is emerging evidence that second language education programs can benefit exceptional students; as Archibald and colleagues (2006) put it, “there is nothing inherent in the learning of a second language that precludes special needs students” (p. 2). Students with exceptionalities reap affective, academic, and social benefits as a result of their participation in such programs, including increased motivation, self-esteem, and confidence (Arnett, 2013; Ontario Ministry of Education, 2015). Researchers have emphasized that the acquisition of a second language supports the development of first language skills, and that by learning another language, exceptional students become more aware of their own (Cloud, Genesee, & Hamayan, 2000). Notwithstanding these positive outcomes, students with exceptionalities rarely have access to second language education programs or appropriate support services within these programs (Genesee, 2006). To date, research in this area has been limited, but we do know that investigators have been unable to identify specific attributes or characteristics that consistently predict learner success in second language acquisition (Lightbown & Spada, 2013). The implication of this finding is that the majority of second language learners can be successful, including those with exceptionalities (Genesee, 2007).”

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Nancy Wise runs her own consulting business: French Immersion Educational Consulting Inc. She has a Ph.D. in Second Language Education and a M.Ed. in Special Education from OISE/University of Toronto. Nancy helps exceptional students gain access to appropriate supports to increase their opportunities for success in the French Immersion program. Please direct all correspondence to nwise@frenchimmersionconsulting.com

Roineann Nancy go leor eolais ar a cuntas Twitter anseo freisin: twitter.com/FIEdConsulting

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