This study identified primary and post-primary teachers’ self-reported future CPD needs in relation to helping them meet the SEN of their students learning through Irish. The study investigated what motivated teachers to undertake CPD in SEN, the challenges they faced when doing so, and their preferred method of course delivery.

Nic Aindriú, S.; Duibhir, P.Ó.; Connaughton-Crean, L.; Travers, J. The CPD Needs of Irish-Medium Primary and Post-Primary Teachers in Special Education. Educ. Sci. 2022,12, 909.


There are few professional development courses available to teachers with a focus on meeting the special educational needs (SEN) of students in immersion education contexts worldwide. The continuous professional development (CPD) needs of immersion education teachers in SEN are under researched internationally. This study investigated the CPD needs of primary and post-primary Irish immersion education teachers (N = 133) in SEN using an anonymous online survey. In this article, we provide an overview of the types of CPD that teachers have engaged with in the past and their preferences for future CPD in this area. The challenges they face in relation to CPD are evaluated and provide a context for the future development of CPD courses for this cohort. It was found that teachers want to learn more about inclusive pedagogies and assessments through a variety of interactive pedagogies. The findings of this study will be of interest to immersion educators in other contexts.

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Categories: Béarla amháin | English only, Bunscoil | Primary, Iar-bhunscoil | Post-primary, Taighde | Research, Taighdeoir | Researcher
Tags: Disléicse | Dyslexia, FGL | CPD, RSO | Special education, Uathachas | Autism