Welcoming Bilingual Learners with Disabilities into Dual Language Programs: Research-Informed Implications for Inclusive Programs and Practice (2022)

This white paper reviews evidence concerning the capacity of young learners with disabilities to acquire more
than one language during the preschool and school years and the characteristics of dual language programs
and classroom instruction and intervention practices that support their language development, learning, and
well-being in school.

Learning an Additional Language in the Context of Language Disorder

Position: Speech-Language & Audiology Canada has developed a new Position Statement on Learning an Additional Language in the Context of Language Disorder. It states that children with, or at risk of, language disorder should be provided with the support they need to become bilingual in home, childcare and school settings, including access to speech-language pathology services. Children with language disorder should not be counselled out of opportunities to initiate or continue their bilingual development.