Easter Art Competition for Naíonra

Apr 3, 2020

Rules & Criteria

This competition is open to naíonraí only.

A tutorial video on how to make bunny ears can be found on our YouTube channel:  

  1. Three winners will be picked in the naíonra category. 
  2. There is no set theme, let your imagination run wild! 
  3. There is no limit to how big the piece is as long as it can all be photographed in one image.  
  4. Your art piece can be made up of any material (for example, paint, cardboard, wool, etc.) 
  5. A title for the piece is desirable but not compulsory. 
  6. Parents/Guardians must submit the art piece via email to cormac@gaeloideachas.ieor via social media (details below). Hard copies of artwork in the post will not be considered. 
  7. The deadline for submissions is 5pm, Wednesday, 15th April. 
  8. All submissions should include the following information: child’s names, naíonra name, school year, date of birth and contact details of parent/guardians. 
  9. The competition is limited to one entry per person. 
  10. There is a panel of judges who will use a marking scheme accordingly. 
  11. It is important to note that the name and photo of each entry can be displayed on our site and social media, except in any case where a parent/guardian has requested that this information not be shared. 
  12. A €20 book voucher (for purchase of books online) will be awarded to every winner, as well as an electronic personalised certificate. Submissions can be made through email to cormac@gaeloideachas.ie 
  13. Submissions can alsp be made through social media: Facebook @Gaeloideachas, Twitter @Gaeloid & Instagram @gaeloideachas