The NCCA to act on Gaeloideachas’ request on behalf of naíonraí to provide a list of books

Aug 4, 2023

Gaeloideachas recently contacted the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) with a request to provide a list of picture books for the 2-6 age group that would be suitable for Irish-medium settings.

The NCCA has already published a book list with great recommendations from Dr Mary Roche to supports the development of young children, but unfortunately it does not include any books in Irish and is not suitable for families with Irish or for use in a naíonra setting.

The list can be found here (the title is in Irish, but the books themselves are in English): 6-year-old-.pdf

A similar list of books in Irish would be an invaluable resource for parents and Irish-medium early years services.

The NCCA responded to the Gaeloideachas’ request, agreeing to develop a book list that would support communication through Irish. They indicated that their 2023 work plan has already been agreed, but that this will be included in the 2024 work plan and that they will be in touch with us about it in due course.

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