Gaeloideachas Qualifications


Gaeloideachas recommends that the lead early-years teacher in na naíonra setting should have a level B2 TEG qualification in Irish (or equivalent) and that assistant early-years teachers should have a level B1 TEG qualification (or equivalent). This recommendation is made on the basis that these levels demonstrate the competency required for good practice in the naíonra. The Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 do not specify any required language qualifications.

Gaeloideachas has developed www.gaeilgedonnaionra.ie to help naíonra teachers to improve their proficiency in Irish.


According to the Department of Education & Skills regulations, an additional qualification is not required to teach in an Irish-medium primary school (other than the criteria necessary to teach in any other State-recognised school)

An Teastas Gaeilge is required by teachers employed in Gaeltacht post-primary schools, teachers employed in schools where Irish is the ordinary language of instruction and teachers teaching any subject through the medium of Irish (apart from Irish itself) in any school. Information regarding the required qualifications for both primary and post-primary schools can be found on the Department’s website www.education.ie (please see Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Primary and Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Post Primary) and www.examinations.ie (State Examinations Commission). Fluency in Irish is required to teach in an Irish-medium school and it is the responsibility of the school’s patron and board of management to ensure that job candidates have a satisfactory level of Irish to teach in an Irish-medium school.

Only teachers registered with the Teaching Council are permitted to teach in State recognised primary and secondary schools, Irish-medium schools included. All relevant information regarding the Council and registering with them is available at www.teachingcouncil.ie.

Primary school teachers who qualified outside of Ireland must satisfy the Irish-language requirement to be fully registered with the Teaching Council. Oifig na gCáilíochtaí Gaeilge provides the Scrúdú Cáilíochta Gaeilge, further information can be found on www.ilrweb.ie.

Interested in teaching through Irish?

Have a look at this short presentation on applying for a post in an Irish-medium school: Iarratas a dhéanamh ar post i nGaelscoil (Aisling Fay)

Download our information leaflet about teaching in Irish-medium post-primary schools: Múineadh ag an Iar-bhunleibhéal PDF

Múineadh ag an Iar bhunleibhéal 2019 PDF 3